index Who hasn’t complained? A motorbike rider over speeding on a jammed road , causing accidents unnecessarily. Worst behavior. There have been instances that boda bodas have been used as get away transport for robberies on the streets. Well there are a lot of negatives. Some are funny but let’s get serious here.

This people have done so much to annoy and hurt Kenyans. There wouldn’t be a day you would cross a road feeling secure because anytime a motorcycle would come cruising at super speed. I know they chasing money but how will you spend it when you wind up dead?

It’s a fact that even on a one way traffic road or street you would have to look right and left because some pervert on a bodaboda would likely be going in the opposite direction. These things happen really.

That leads me to the worst and impossible thing; since when do you overtake from the left side? Unless instructed by a police officer right? Or maybe when there is an accident. That’s what the law says. But why are these people ignorant to the law? You thought it right. Young lads drop out of school and they learn to use motorbikes then hit the road right away.

The traffic police need to do something about this. Accidents do occur but currently 90 percent is from reckless bodaboda driving and still the feds ignore the checking of driving licenses. Truly corruption eats not only the economy but also lives. Asked yourself why? I’ll do the thinking- It’s because driving schools can arrange for people to get driving licenses without monitoring or rather invigilating driving lessons. Quick cash = quick kills. Watch out guy because that driver you issued an undeserved driving license would be the one who will knock you off the road out there.

Well, let’s talk about the arrive alive campaigns and all but it starts from within you, yeah you bodaboda driver don’t replace your brain with a helmet­. DO RIGHT