Slow the fuck down, Badass Lady. Can somebody else have a turn at getting a tattoo? Not you ladies. I’m about to sound like a dad here, but that’s fine. If it saves lives so be it. If you have tattoos [like me] then you know that people are often asking for advice about getting inked. If you’re not tattooed, here is a short newsflash for yah; don’t think b**b tats improve those lil pleasure cup’s looks.

I mean,it’s really disgusting. Have you ever thought what it would feel like having your kid suck atattooed b**b?its yuck right?, immoral. I can’t even find the right word for it. It’s the trend these dayschiques with b—b tats but really Frank Zappa had it right about you catholic acting girls. Too many years cooped up with the same sex or something have you making this desperate and permanent plea for male attention that you reiterate every time you ‘’forget’’ to close those top buttons trying to show men the bags your momma gave you.

Wait till they sag your granddaughters would be screaming at monitor lizards ‘’clinching’’ to your skin. Keep your head up or rather watch your step don’t let your ‘whoremones’ get the better of you.